Intense hair care

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Our intense hair care is highly concentrated in active ingredients

  • The products penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair.
  • Unique ingredients manage nutritional deficiencies of the hair, which sometimes are there since birth or the result of divers damages.
  • Based on proteins, they give bounce and thickness to your hair.
  • Composed of natural oils that hydrate your hair.
  • And many other powerful, nutritive and repairing active ingredients.

Rich in repairing active ingredients, this mask moisturizes*, nourishes and reduces callosity and roughness

Our personalized hair care treatments are elaborated in order to provide to your hair exactly what it needs.

They install themselves and stay in the 3rd deep layer of the hair and save the most damaged hair by the aggression of the environment or mechanic.


Our hair care strongly repairs your hair, avoiding the last solution of cutting.


Haire care:

Depending on the problem, hair care should be repeated at the salon every 2 or 3 weeks. If the hair were really damaged, it would be every week.

In order to maintain the result, we recommend you to use REDKEN products at home.

Our favourites

  • For thin hair: « Body Full », « Extreme », « Diamond »
  • For normal hair: « Clear Moisture », « Hair cleansing »
  • For thick hair: « Smooth Lock », and « Real Control ».
  • For really dry hair: « All Soft » and « Smooth Lock »