Vous avez envie d’être belle, séduisante et glamour.
Vos cheveux, hélas, ne sont pas un cadeau ?
C’est le moment de leur offrir des “extensions” :
Une technique magique pour les allonger, et ou leur donner du volume dont le coiffage serait sans contrainte.
Passer du court au long en quelques heures ou échanger ses baguettes de tambour contre des jolies boucles, c’est tentant !
Les stars le fond régulièrement comme Demi Moore, Céline Dion, Madona et tant d’autres.
Le résultat est vraiment fantastique si on s’adresse à des professionnels chevronnés qui utilisent les meilleurs techniques avec des cheveux naturels.
Ce savoir-faire si particulier est la spécialité de Zen Coiffure.
Lysiane officie chaque jour avec doigté et propose toujours des solutions sur mesure.
Son objectif n°1 : Le Naturel, la sécurité et le confort.
Dans ce domaine, on le sait, l’amateurisme et le bricolage peuvent faire des ravages et parfois à vie.
Depuis plus de 20 ans, cette passionnée défend avec succès confirmé la cause des extensions.
Pas de miracles : C’est la récompense de plusieurs années d’expériences et de recherches de la méthode la plus fiable.
Chez Zen Coiffure, on utilise uniquement des cheveux véritables, souples et vigoureux qui ont conservés leurs écailles ainsi que leur sens.
Huit longueurs, trois épaisseurs, et une soixantaine de nuances sont possibles.
Lysiane peut également les modifier dans sont labo-couleur pour obtenir du “sur mesure”

Que peut-on demander de plus ?


En savoir plus


Beauty Fashion Model Girl in Fox Fur Coat

Say goodbye to hair damaged by the heat of your straightener. Shape Control benefits from an advanced capillary technology, working with a revolutionary texturizing system, the Kera-Shape Complex by REDKEN. You can create any look you wish, and permanently transform your hair while keeping its integrity. Moreover, Kera-Shape Complex will keep your hair bounce while just smoothing away your frizz, and you have the choice between natural curls, more relaxed curls, or completely straight hair.

Thanks to Kera-Shape Complex by REDKEN, the hair’s fibre is smoother, softer, with less callosity and extraordinary flexible. Farewell dry, brittle, and frizzy hair and split ends.

What does Kera-Shape by REDKEN contain?

  • Modelling agents, permanently reducing callosity and roughness.
  • Cationic conditioners, hydrating and shining.
  • Emollients, enabling to control and to discipline them.

Hair care

Before hair straightening :

  • Make sure that you haven’t used any product containing silicone. Any doubt? We have a shampoo for you, “Hair cleansing” by REDKEN.

After hair straightening :

  • 48 hours later, and in order to ensure the longevity of the result of Kera-Shape Complex by REDKEN, it is recommended to use a shampoo and a conditioner of the range « Real Control » by REDKEN.

Hair Collage. Hairstyles
Feeling like enhancing your natural color, radically changing it, or simply forgetting your white hair? We create for you your personalised Haircolor.

Why colouring your hair?

  • To give a uniform look to your hair
  • To cover the first grey strands
  • To create a soft color degrade
  • For a fashion style such as « Tie and Dye » and « Mouv-Vie »

Hair care

To softly treat your hair, we recommend you to use the shampoo and conditioner of the range “Color Extend” or “Blond Idol” by REDKEN.



Beautiful portrait of a womanFeeling like warming up your brown color, or giving a little summer highlight to your blond hair? This technic is for the one who want to illuminate hair, to reveal the natural glow of their complexion without completely dying the hair.

Hair balayage is the best solution for you.

It is perfect for brunettes that want a subtle, sun-kissed look, or sad dark blond hair, to get a glamorous blonde of South Beach like Jennifer Aniston, or even lighter like Sienna Miller.

Balayage helps brunettes to lighten strands of hair, to highlight them with soft shades like moka, caramel, and honey or softer like chocolate, terra cota or coca.


Hair care

In order to keep to hair hydrated and bright, we recommend you to use the shampoo and conditioner of the range “Color Extend” or “Blond Idol” by REDKEN.


Permanent Haircolor shampoo ore demi-permanent Haircolor

You wish to change your hair without using a real haircolor? The haircolor products of the range “Shades” by REDKEN are for you. They give you the right tones and shades without lightening or changing your natural pigments. Our products are specially adapted to those who do not want a radical change. They also cover 100% of grey hair.

For the demanding men, we have the specially designed range “Shades for Men” by REDKEN.

Hair care

The color disappears progressively after some shampoos. For a better longevity, we recommend you to use the products of the range “Color Extend” by REDKEN.


close up woman face
Our intense hair care is highly concentrated in active ingredients

  • The products penetrate into the deeper layers of the hair.
  • Unique ingredients manage nutritional deficiencies of the hair, which sometimes are there since birth or the result of divers damages.
  • Based on proteins, they give bounce and thickness to your hair.
  • Composed of natural oils that hydrate your hair.
  • And many other powerful, nutritive and repairing active ingredients.

Rich in repairing active ingredients, this mask moisturizes*, nourishes and reduces callosity and roughness

Our personalized hair care treatments are elaborated in order to provide to your hair exactly what it needs.

They install themselves and stay in the 3rd deep layer of the hair and save the most damaged hair by the aggression of the environment or mechanic.


Our hair care strongly repairs your hair, avoiding the last solution of cutting.


Haire care:

Depending on the problem, hair care should be repeated at the salon every 2 or 3 weeks. If the hair were really damaged, it would be every week.

In order to maintain the result, we recommend you to use REDKEN products at home.

Our favourites

  • For thin hair: « Body Full », « Extreme », « Diamond »
  • For normal hair: « Clear Moisture », « Hair cleansing »
  • For thick hair: « Smooth Lock », and « Real Control ».
  • For really dry hair: « All Soft » and « Smooth Lock »


You want to be shinny without dying your hair? You dream of hazelnut brown hair or you are desperate by your tired blond hair?

Our “Gloss” by REDKEN can highlight your hair, by strengthening the shining pigment through subtle light fluctuation, or back again to soften some undesired hard shades.

You wish to cover a color and to go back to the natural one?

Everything is possible.


Hair care

Your shades will last longer thanks to the shampoo and conditioner of the range “Color Extend” by REDKEN.

REDKEN Balayage haircolor products are certified ammonia-free, sulphates-free, and paraben-free. They softly treat your hair without modifying hair structure. The shades do not cover grey hair, or just a little.