Zen Coiffure Team

With a beautiful view over the garden, Lysiane Deminne and Zen Coiffure team invite you to calm down and to relax in the middle of the city center.

Zen Coiffure proposes you all the services you may expect from a top-level salon, and even more. Lysiane Deminne is the champion for bounding natural hair extensions. She has been using this technic for 20 years and, as a matter of fact, is now an unrivalled expert in this field.

Zen coiffure is recognized for high level of technical capability in haircolor and uses top-range products, which enable to create personalized and unique colors, based on your specific needs. It completely relies on the haircolor products of REDKEN 5TH AVENUE NYC.

In 2001, Zen Coiffure has become a Gold Member REDKEN 5TH AVENUE NYC salon. This certificate of quality permit it to use all the REDKEN products, which have the particularity of acting outside as well as inside your hair, giving them an healthy and beautiful bounce. The technics of REDKEN essentially treat the hair, and difference can be seen at the first application.




About the specialist

Lysiane is a passionate, she started from an early age by cutting her friend’s hair at school, and her sister’s, and her dolls’. She was very young but she knew that this was going to be her job later. As a matter of fact, at only 13, she joined the hairdressing school, dreaming of opening one day her own salon on the prestigious Louise Avenue in Brussels.

Although she was not eighteen yet, she opened her first salon in 1986 in her birth village.

In 1993, she is one of the first in Europe to offer natural hair extension bounding, and she also popularized this new method in Belgium and France. She has been the subject of many articles in the beauty press.

In 1994, she moved to the big city of Namur. Her dream came true in 1996, Lysiane opened her salon in the capital at the 170th Louise Avenue.

For many years, she also has been relooking the Miss Belgium before presenting them to the press, under the friendly eye of the president Cecile Muller.

Now she is always running from one TV studio to another, between Belgium and France. She is also often demanded for various galas, fashion shows and concert all over Europe. She works in many music video clips in the world. Over the past years, she has become the favourite hairdresser of many famous singers and actors.

Lysiane is crazy about her job and your hair knows it!